We believe the best employees should be rewarded with the best benefits, improving their lives at work and at home

Easy, Engaging Employee Benefits

A person that feels valued will always do more than what is expected. Our outstanding benefits platform offers unbeatable employee discounts on a whole host of products from big brands to local retailers. Employees can save when shopping online and in store with their Group Scheme discount, all branded with your company logo and colour scheme.

We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and have exciting new developments including, Rewards and Recognition technology, Salary Sacrifice functionality and a world class Employee Wellbeing module.

We work with companies of all sizes, across all industries - talk to us today to see what we can do for your company and employees.


At a glance

  • Bespoke benefits platform, branded for your organisation.
  • Bigger Brands & Retailers
  • Exclusive & Deeper Discounts
  • Local, National & International Discounts
  • Fully Integrated Cashback Service
  • Interactive Community Module
  • Analytics & Management Information
  • Fully Integrated Communications
  • Rewards & Recognition Module
  • Employee Assistance & Emotional Wellbeing Module
  • Fully branded promotional material

Discounts & Savings

Employees enjoy access to thousands of great discounts from well known brands & retailers.

We provide thousands of discounts to users, which means they have access to a wide range of savings on day-to-day items, as well as high-saving products in the financial, insurance & tax areas.

Six ways to save: Vouchers & Coupons, Integrated Cashback, Short Term Hot Deals, Shopping Cards, Exclusive Travel Section, Local Retailers & Businesses.

You'll be in good company

Some of the great companies we work with

We provide voluntary benefits platforms to some of the largest organisations in
the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, including;




The Group Scheme Community module provides a range of useful tools for employees, encouraging social interaction and creating employee engagement, whilst providing tangible benefits that might otherwise have been inaccessible.

The online tools include internal classifieds, a home & flat sharing notice board, car pooling functionality, sports & fitness group creation, and more.

Rewards & Recognition

Our clients can reward their employees for a job well done with this tool. We create a range of options for employee rewards, and using a variety of tools we ensure the best employees are recognised by their peers for their significant contributions in the workplace.

Emotional Wellbeing

Our industry leading emotional wellbeing tool ‘POWR’ provides us with technology to improve mental agility in the workplace. Developed by expert clinicians from the fields of medicine and psychology the POWR tool replicates face-to-face sessions with an online equivalent.

Through improving the emotional wellbeing of your organisation the POWR tool will improve employee productivity, decrease absenteeism, alleviate contagious stress and negative emotions and improve your bottom line.

Dedicated Account Management

When clients work with us to deliver employee benefits, they are assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who ensures their platform is delivered on time, and acts as a point of contact for all elements of the service.

Account Managers liaise with clients on an ongoing basis, conducting regular reviews, delivering management information, developing ongoing communications, arranging on-site open days, and working to make sure the integration of their employee benefits platform delivers on their investment.

Management Information

We continuously monitor usage and activity in order to provide management with critical information, detailing employee take-up and ongoing activity and engagement levels.


Corporate Services

Partner & Business Opportunities


Partner & Business Opportunities

We are always seeking new opportunities for our partners, and welcome discussion with all organisations to identify how we can deliver value to their business.

Customer/ Member Benefits


Customer/ Member Benefits

Our platform can be re-structured and branded in a bespoke manner to deliver benefits and rewards to your customer or member groups.

Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions

Our custom-built unique technology allows us to build entire platforms for clients, so that they in turn can construct a series of their own benefits websites for their corporate clients.


Expanding Network of Countries

We can provide our service in an ever-growing network of countries worldwide.



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